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Real time operative system

SatanicOS is our own real time operative system for embedded systems which runs on 8 bits microcontrollers. It offers the advantage of working a multitask system at the minimum cost.

Its code size is so small that allows working in a single chip-application, leaving the greatest free memory space for the main application. Kernel is fully interruptible and is very efficient in critical time applications.

In spite of its small size, it has the following features:

  • Semaphores
  • Events
  • Message queues
  • Task creation, delete and configuration in execution time
  • Preemptive and cooperative

Tasks are sequentially quasi-simultaneously executed, as kernel assigns an execution time for each one. SatanicOS is versatile and very easy to use. We provide technical support.

arrow SatanicOS Typical Applications

It is very useful for battery fed devices, quick-answer-single-chip systems, great flexibility devices and multiple processes:

  • Electromedicine
  • Telecommunications
  • Industrial Control
  • Toys


It is very useful in distributed processing systems (several microcontrollers/microprocessors) annexing our SynapCOM communication module (i2c, Ethernet, TCP/IP, sockets, RS232)