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Tracking System GPS-Track

We developed our own product and an OEM board for LOGISAT ( called GPSTrack. It is an integrated automatic vehicle localization system (AVLS). It is the solution to tracking, identifying and locating every mobile unit in your company.

Vehicle tracking through last generation GPS is one of the most advanced tools in fleet management. Our development makes optimum use of new technology hardware components, it includes a single specially developed software ()which allows to display the positioning of a vehicle fleet, on digitalized maps in a friendly graphic interactive environment.


The GPSTrack passive tracking system consists of an equipment which records GPS data to be analyzed with the MOVILtracker software, which allows checking all the information obtained on the total activities of a mobile vehicle without being on it: date, time, speed, acceleration and location at programmable intervals  (By default 5 sec) can be evaluated accurately. At predetermined periods of time, the system records the vehicle position and speed in a non volatile (compact flash) memory card.

When the single or multiple itineraries of mobile units are completed, the card is removed and connected to the computer through a CF reader and easily checked with our MOVIL-TRACKER software. The tracking unit is safe against violations and can also be programmed to make the vehicle stop in case it leaves the assigned route. Indeed, passive tracking is the most economical system to supervise and manage the fleet. Fleet leaders can easily check routes, validate them, verify inoperative time periods, assess and subsequently improve the efficiency of their drivers.Al finalizar el o los recorridos se retira la tarjeta (CompactFlash) conectándola a la computadora mediante un dispositivo USB y al programa MOVILTracker® para su revisión.


In the real time tracking system the GT equipment sends the data to the Moviltracker software by means of cellular phone net.

The GT (Multifunction AVL unit) was designed for the GPSTRACK system, with multiple uses in vehicle tracking. It includes GPS technology, TDMA or CDMA multiplatform cellular communication, recording of events in flash memory  (compact), with inputs/outputs for alarm reading and/or configurable actions( vehicle detention) according to the requirements or needs. Voice communication through free hands system, optional cabin monitor and message screen.

The GT integrates a 12 channel GPS receiver, cellular wireless communication module and a processing center in a compact unit which simplifies its installation maintenance.

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  • Vehicle Monitoring

  • Itinerary Control

  • Vehicle Safety Systems