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arrow Processor

400 MHz ARM926EJS™ ARM® Thumb® Processor

arrow Memories

128-Mbytes RAM DDR2

256-Mbytes NAND flash

arrow Peripherals

LCD Controller supporting STN and TFT displays up to1280*860

USB Device High Speed, USBHost High Speed and USB Host

Full Speed with On-ChipTransceiver

10/100 Mbps Ethernet MAC Controller

 AC'97 Controller

4 Channels 16-bit PWM Controller

Two-wire Interface

2 Master/Slave Serial Peripheral Interfaces (SPI)

4 USARTs with ISO7816, IrDA,  Manchester and SPI modes

8-channel 10-bit ADC with 4-wire Touch Screen Support

arrow System

Periodic Interval Timer, Watchdog Timer, Real Time  Timer y Real Time Clock

Boot from NAND Flash, SDCard, DataFlash® o Serial DataFlash

arrow I/O

88  Programmables  I/O lines


APEXAR SOM (Brochure)








The Apexar SOM is a compact product, a hardware and software solution ready to use, which provides developers great benefits in time to market and associated costs reduction.

The Apexar SOM, with the popular SODIMM 200 connector, is the ideal processor engine for your new project. All the distinctive features of the Atmel's eMPU AT91SAM9G45 / 9M10 are included in this module: speed (400 Mhz), serial ports, ethernet, I2C, audio, PWM, timers/ counters, A/D, digital I/O, clock, calendar and even more.

The manufacturing high quality standards used allow the Apexar SOM to be considered as just another component in your bill of materials.