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arrow The evaluation kit includes

1 Apexar SOM.

1 Evaluation carrier board

micro SD

2 User buttons

4 User leds

1 Expansion header (SPI, I2C, GPIO, UARTS, LCD y Touchscreen).

1 Audio Codec with stereo input output and speaker amplificator

1 TFT Display  color  480 x 272 pixels  16 millon colours.

4 wire resistive touchscreen

1 Mounting Acrílic for ergonomic use

Peripheral cables



arrow User Manual

Evaluation Kit Apexar SOM (User manual)

arrow Software

• Bootstrap.

• Uboot.

• Kernel Linux. 

• Root File System ejemplo



The Apexar EVK is an evaluation kit containing a complete set of peripheral connectors that allows the Apexar SOM evaluation and the development of new applications.

It's an essential tool for the developing of a new customized carrier board. The Kit Schematics and bill of materials are provided.


 kit render