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 Apexar embedded solution (brochure)



Is the most affordable and easy to use embedded ARM/linux development platform for multimedia user interface connectivity applications.
Apexar Embedded Solution merges together both open source and propriety platform advantages resulting in a total control of your linux platform targeting at the time to market reduction. It is a full hardware and software suit with the focus of helping developers to face new technology trends.

Its step-by-step structure adapts dinamically to your project.


Technology challenge

arrow Hardware

Today's microcontroller manufacturers are developing smaller, faster, more complex components that improve performance and reduce costs. These advantages force embedded designers to consider other factors: manufacturability, board density, testability, and complexity versus time-to-market. Technical dificulties associated to the new advances keep current technology out of reach.
arrow Software
The use of linux in embedded devices has grown significantly over the last few years. Companies are choosing linux because of the open source code, its reliability and stability and the complete control over the platform being able to customize it using libraries from the open source linux community.
However, building your own linux development platform is complex. Designing, creating and maintaining that own platform can take months even for linux experts.