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Graphic user´s interface software project for monochrome lcd display

CraneGraph is our own graphic engine for embedded systems, microcontroller independent, and in this first stage, it is developed for the EPSON S1D13305 controller and the TOSHIBA T6963C controller, providing a user’s graphic interface (GUI) for any applications using a LCD graphic display.

It can be used with single or multiple task environments, with its our operative system (SatanicOS) or any RTOS available in the market.

It can be adapted to any physical or virtual display size controlled by S1D13305 or T6963C..

Main features:

  • Windows
  • Buttons (single and toggle)
  • Text labels
  • Multi incremental
  • Selectors
  • Progress bar
  • Text areas
  • XY graphics, rulers and axis with automatically adjustable scales
  • Several text fonts and through a font converter, any available font can be added.
  • Supports mouse and encoder

arrow CraneGRAPH typical applications

It is very useful for applications on embedded where a friendly graphic interface with the customer used to working with:

  • Electromedicine
  • Telecommunications
  • Industrial Control
  • Toy
  • Automotive